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It was over 12 years ago when Leonard Larsen first began to be called The Music Coach. While coaching his daughter's soccer team he discovered that some of the girls in the group were looking for someone to give them music lessons. As he was knowledgeable and talented in the musical field, Len agreed to teach the girls from his team both in soccer and musical instruments. It was these students and their parents that gave him the nickname - The Music Coach.

This name has come to mean more over the years
than just the coach who gives music lessons on the side.

The Music Coach long ago devoted his life to music both in playing and teaching. His devotions led him to teaching music at a local private school, giving in-home lessons and becoming the music leader at his church.

Now there is one more meaning to add to the list.
The Music Coach is also a store.

Formally known as Carl Cancel Music, this family operated business is ready and willing to help you solve all your musical problems. Stop by today and let us find out what we can do for you.


Located in The Big Lots Plaza

2430 S. Volusia Avenue
Orange City, Fl 32763