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Frequently Asked Questions
Stringed Instruments

What causes my strings to wear out?

The oils from your fingers and dust and moisture from the air can cause
your strings to rust or wear out. It would help prolong the life of your
strings if you would wipe them down with a soft cloth every time you
use your guitar.

Should I buy a special case for my guitar?
If you are going to take your guitar out of your home, a case would be
a good idea to help protect it. If it is just going to be in your house, there
is no need for a case.

Which would be better, a gig bag or a hard shell case?
The gig bags are economical and light weight. They can be difficult to get
the guitar in or out. A hard shell case provides better protection for your guitar.

Is it ok to lean my guitar against the wall or lay it on the floor?

For safety reasons, it would be better to hang your guitar on a wall hook
or sit it on a guitar stand. Either one of these items will keep it from being
broken when someone sits on it or trips over it.

Can you put strings on my guitar and tune it?

Yes, as a service to our customers, we will put strings on your guitar
for a minimal charge plus the cost of the strings.

Do you sell single strings?

Yes, we do sell single strings

Do you know where I can get the intonation set on my guitar?

Yes, we can set the intonation at the store. In most cases, when the
intonation seems to be off, it is just a matter of changing the strings.

How often should I change the strings on my guitar?

It is recommended that you change strings every six months. However
if you use the guitar a lot, you could change them once a month.