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Frequently Asked Questions -
Services and Products


Do you give lessons?

Yes, we have instructors that give lessons for guitar, bass, piano,
percussion, woodwind and brass instruments. All instructors
emphasize theory and technique.

Do you sell music stands?
Yes, we have a variety of colors to choose from.

Do you buy used instruments?

No, but we will take your instrument and try to sell it on consignment.
This means you tell us how much you want to get for it ad we will add
25% for handling and sell it for you.

Do you sell parts for my drum?

Yes, we do carry a variety of parts for drums. We can order most
anything that you need.

Do you have the big name instruments?
Not at this time. We carry inexpensive student instruments. Check
with us from time to time, we get big name instruments in the store
on consignment.